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Degree Programs


Saint Constantine College offers students a robustly classical and uniquely Orthodox approach to undergraduate education.

Our curriculum is designed to familiarize students with the liberal arts, while providing a grounding in the robust Christian thought of both the Eastern and Western traditions. Whereas some Great Texts programs ignore the Christian and Islamic East, Saint Constantine College makes them central to our Great Texts curriculum.

Students who enroll in Saint Constantine College are helping to keep alive, in their own scholarship, the ancient traditions of individual tutorial learning, Socratic discussion, and the preservation of those texts, questions, and ideas without which the modern world would not exist.

General Education

The Bachelor of Arts: Two Tracks

Having completed their chronological overview of Great Texts, students in Years Three and Four begin to study the great authors in tremendous depth, and have their choice of two tracks: the Saint Constantine Orthodox Chrisitan Studies Major, and the WJU English Major.