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We welcome your application to Saint Constantine College.


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Personal Essay

Choose one of the following prompts and respond. At the top of the page, not included in the final word count, please copy the essay prompt chosen. Written responses should not exceed 750 words.


1. OMG, LOL, TTYL... Texting, tweets, cellphones, and social media are redefining the way we communicate. Snapchat is the new playground while print newspapers are dying. As thumbs replace tongues, does this shift in human expression enhance or limit social interaction and dialogue? Why? 

2. A high school curriculum does not always afford much intellectual freedom. Describe one of your unsatisfied intellectual passions. How might you apply this interest to serve the common good and make a difference in the world? 

3. Use an 8.5x11 inch sheet of paper to create something. You can blueprint your future home, create a new product, draw a cartoon strip, design a costume, compose a score, or do something entirely different.  You must include a 300 word maximum written statement explaining your submission. OR...Share a one-minute video that says something important about you. Upload it to YouTube or another easily accessible site and give us the URL. 

4.  You just finished your 300 page autobiography.  Please submit page 221.

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Please have an official transcript from your current high school emailed to or mailed to:

College Admissions
7177 Regency Square Blvd
Houston, TX 77036


Reference Letter

Provide a written reference from a clergyman at the church you attend. If you do not attend church or a similar place of worship, please provide a written character reference from someone other than a close family member.

Your reference letter may be emailed to or mailed to:

College Admissions
7177 Regency Square Blvd
Houston, TX 77036